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Documentation Style Guide#

dicehub documentation guidelines is based on the excellent documentation styleguide by GitLab and has been modified to dicehub's requirements.

This documentation is intended as the single source of truth and serves as a guide on how to write the documentation for dicehub.

This document defines the standards for documentation content.

Types of documentation#

It is best practice to have only these types of documentation:

  1. Concepts
  2. How-to-guide
  3. Explanation
  4. Reference

Avoid summarizing to have multiple places with the same information, link instead.


All documentation is written in Markdown.

HTML in Markdown#

Hard-coded HTML is valid as long as:

  • There is no equivalent in Markdown
  • Advanced tables are necessary
  • Special styling is required
  • It has been approved and introduced as a special rule by the team

Markdown Rules#

For consistency all Markdown files are linted by markdownlint-cli with custom rules defined in the .markdownlint.yaml file. This files also enforces the proper use of names.

For example:

  • dicehub (requires lower d)
  • Python (requires capital P)

To lint your files, use the following command:

make lint # run from the project root


The documentation is organized by topics and not by types.

Folder structure overview#

The documentation is separated by these main topics:

  • Guide
  • Tutorials
  • Development
  • About

All other directories are additional topics which can not be attributed to the preceding topics. The can exist on their own or in multiple topics, for example API can be inside User, Administration or Development.

The table below shows what kind of documentation belongs in which directory.

Directory What belongs here
docs/guide/ User related documentation. Everything related to the dicehub concept and its features.
docs/development/ Documentation related to the development of dicehub.

Work with directories and files#

  1. When you create a new directory, always start with an file. Do not use another file name and do not create files.
  2. Do not use special characters and spaces, or capital letters in file names, directory names, branch names, and anything that generates a path.
  3. When creating a new document and it has more than one word in its name, make sure to use underscores (_) instead of spaces or dashes (-). For example, a proper naming would be The same rule applies to other files.
  4. Do not upload video files to the product repositories. Link or embed videos instead.

Use your best judgment to place documents and then ask the reviewer of your MR to confirm your decision.

Avoid duplication#

Do not include the same information in multiple places.

Structure within documents#

  • Structure content in alphabetical order in tables, lists, and so on, unless there is a logical reason not to.


  • Keep it as short as possible, be clear and concise.
  • Write in US English with US grammar.

Last update: June 8, 2022
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