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User dashboard#

In dicehub, the user interface was designed to be as simple as possible and at the same time allow a very fast workflow.

The user dashboard in dicehub has the following elements:

User dashboard

  1. Global navigation: a consistently available user interface element that used for global navigation and provides access to system-wide functions.
  2. Side navigation: a vertical list of navigational links. In this navigation you can find:
    • Projects: List of projects you have access too.
    • Groups: List of groups you have access too.
    • Recently opened: A list of recently opened applications.
    • Activities: A list of specific events, for example creating an application.
    • User settings: Here you can setup your account, profile and manage billing, security and limits.
  3. Main content: the part of the page which that is unique to that page and can contain different content, such lists, forms, images and other.
  4. Logo: is a visual representation of dicehub to promote public identification. This logo also represents a link to your dashboard.
  5. Global navigation menu: is the main navigation on dicehub and includes links to the following pages:
    • Explore: A page with all publicly available projects and groups.
    • Templates: Publicly available pre-defined templates can be found here.
    • Community: In dicehub users can prepare their applications and publish them for the community here.
    • Admin: This section is only available for administrators on self-managed servers.
  6. User menu: menu where you quickly find a link to your user settings, your public profile and a link to sign out.