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Applications are copies of templates#

Applications are essentially copies of templates which you can modify and run. For example if you created an application based on the hex-dominant-mesher you created a copy of the selected template and by modifying the configuration you can adjust the default settings of the meshing utility to your requirements. In most cases your configurations depends on the geometry and the required accuracy of your study.

Create templates from applications for the public#

Any application can also again become a template for others. You can setup your case and publish your application to the community. This way others can use your template to create their own studies. This can be done by clicking on Share in the top right corner of your application.

dicehub app share

Then select Publish to community and click on the Publish button.

dicehub app share

Fill out all the required information about your published application/template and click on the Publish button.

dicehub app share

After the application has been published you can find the application you can find it publicly available on the dicehub community page.

dicehub community page

Now any registered user can duplicate the application, adjust the settings and publish the application again. Users who are not signed up can open the Live preview and inspect the results.