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🚀 0.11.2 (2023-04-07)#

Enhancements and Fixes#


  • Environment Configuration Enhancement: Replaced foamExec with findBashrc. Optimizes execution environment for OpenFOAM simulations by ensuring accurate script environment configurations.

  • Update Process Optimization: Implemented parallel updates. Accelerates the software update process, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency.

  • Large Case Import Fix: Addressed import issues in simpleFoam and pimpleFoam for very large simulations. Ensures stability and performance when handling extensive simulation cases.

  • Mesh Refinement Accessibility: Added a table with volume refinement levels to snappyHexMesh. Provides an intuitive interface for mesh refinement, facilitating precise control over meshing.

  • STL File Mesh Refinement: Introduced volume refinement for STL files in snappyHexMesh. Enhances mesh quality around complex geometries for more accurate simulation results.

  • UI Streamlining: Removed unused "advanced options"-related components in simpleFoam and pimpleFoam. Simplifies simulation setup by focusing the user interface on essential functionalities.

  • JupyterLab Integration Enhancement: Added missing jupyterlab_service in the single-core flow for simplefoam.

  • Advanced Meshing Options: Included writeFlags in snappyHexMesh advanced options. Allows advanced users to fine-tune mesh generation parameters.


  • User Feedback Service Fix: Resolved loading issue with the UserSnap service. Ensures effective user feedback collection and responsiveness.

Additional Notes#

  • A significant number of small bugs were resolved, further stabilizing the platform and improving overall functionality and user experience.